About us

The world of music is developing rapidly by bringing us new types of performance techniques and music notations. However, it is hard to memorize and learn a growing collection of contemporary notations, or quickly find consistent information about it.

Moreover, musicians often lack tools for discovering contemporary music notations and learning performance techniques. It is also challenging for them to find the required literature and performance examples for existing notations and techniques.

Due to this, mastering new performance techniques remains a problem for many musicians as well as music students. A lot of them spend valuable time digging through thousands of pages of music documents in the hope of finding a specific notation which often results in wasted time and frustration.

That's why we have decided there is a need to have a research platform that would allow exploring new notations for both classical and modern instruments on a daily basis. With this in mind, we, as a group of young musicians, decided to create Symbolium.

Symbolium is a platform built by musicians for musicians!

Symbolium is a digital library of contemporary music notations and performance techniques developed for music students, professional musicians, composers, musicologists and self-taught musicians.

We have created this huge digital library to help you spend more time practicing and producing music and less time searching. Our team believes that music students and composers need an easy-to-use tool with professionally-organized trustworthy content. Our extensive range of symbol notations for performance techniques from 20th to 21st centuries will allow musicians to improve their skills and to widen their knowledge.


We aim at becoming the most extensive contemporary music digital database that entirely serves the educational and research needs of musicians.
Andranik Berberyan
CEO & Co-Founder
Adam Kablanian
Sergei Gasparian
Operations Officer
Patrick Khajehtoorian
Aram Hovhannisyan
R&D Manager of Music Notation Department
Sergey Umroyan
Post-Production Coordinator
Lusine Karapetyan
Notation Engraver


Aram Hovhannisyan
Composer, Flutist
Sergey Umroyan
Composer, Singer
Artur Akshelyan
Artur Avanesov
Pianist, Composer, Musicologist


Aram Hovhanissyan
Composer, Flutist
Davit Gyulamiryan
Vahram Davtyan
Harut Hajinyan
Artur Avanesov
Pianist , Composer , Musicologist
Armen Vardanyan
Mery Dolmazyan