What is Symbolium?

A platform for musicians who love exploring contemporary music performance techniques and notation symbols.
High quality videos that illustrate how to perform contemporary music techniques.
Basic and extended techniques. Each technique box contains: text description, symbol illustration, synonym search.
Extended music techniques on the example of our video/audio materials.


Step into the world of contemporary music notation by choosing different classical instrument packages. Each package contains regularly updated basic and extended techniques.


Symbolium digital vocabulary contains an extensive collection of contemporary music techniques. Use the vocabulary to search for music performance techniques filtered out across all available classical instruments. This means that when searching for a single technique, you will be able to find it for instruments like piano, flute, violin, trombone, etc. Feel free to explore, compare, and enjoy music techniques across various instruments. No limits, no restraints, pure joy!


Vatche Sharafyan
Symbolium is a big step forward in the world of music. I think it will have its own impact on the whole world and I am excited to use this digital library for exploring more...
Marianna Maruyama
I'm really impressed by the incredibly well-organized inventory of techniques and clear demonstration videos. There isn't anything like this anywhere else (in one place and systematically organized!) online. I think this is going to be a massive contribution to the field and practice of music. I love the references to different composers and individual works within each entry.
Sona Hovhannisyan
Rector of YSC, Conductor
Symbolium gives the opportunity to speak in the contemporary music language with more preciseness. You can always have the tool at your disposal and use it for research and educational purposes.
Andrius Arutiunian
Composer and sound artist
A thorough and deeply impressive platform, which will not only generate a new set of compositions, but will also enable a much more detailed and accurate performance of new music worldwide.

Full access to all instruments

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